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Quitting Tobacco

Smoking is very harmful to all individuals, but especially women who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant.

Working with the West Virginia Division of Tobacco Prevention, the West Virginia WIC program motivates pregnant women who smoke to quit; encourages tobacco users thinking of becoming pregnant to quit and persuade all women not to start smoking.

"Power to Quit" is an emotionally charged advertising campaign that goes beyond simply telling pregnant women the dangers of smoking. The campaign highlights the main motivator for pregnant women to stop smoking:  their unborn child. Click here to view the TV spot.

Smoking while pregnant increases the risk of:

  • miscarriage
  • stillbirth
  • preterm labor
  • a premature baby
  • birth defects
  • slow phisical growth and
  • mental development.

Babies born to women who don't smoke have less risk of developing allergies, asthma or other lung problems and are less likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

For more information about quitting tobacco use and how the West Virginia Tobacco Quitline can help, call 1-877-966-8784. The programs offers guidance to smokers who want to quit, and it's a free service.

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