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Vendor Training

 Annual Training

The West Virginia WIC Program is required to offer training to WIC Authorized stores on an annual basis.  The Annual Training is being introduced, and available through an online distance learning platform.


  • To login to the site go to:
  • Your user ID is the email address recently submitted to the Vendor Management Unit. 
  • Your password is your last name in lower case letters. 
  • Once you log into the distance learning site, you will see a list of “My Courses” (on the right).
  • Please select West Virginia WIC 2018 Annual Vendor Training by clicking on the course title. You may navigate through the training by clicking on the links in the left hand navigation bar.


Annual training cannot be completed on a corporate level.  For each store, the manager or trainer must complete all lessons within the online course, and obtain at least an 80% on the quiz.  You may access the course multiple times to complete the lessons at your own pace, and may attempt the quiz up to three times. 


Per federal regulations (7CFR Ch.II, §246(h)(B)(xii)), “the vendor must inform and train cashiers and other staff on program requirements,” so please share this information with all store employees involved with WIC.  You may also consider posting a copy of the training newsletter in a central location, and including a copy in your Vendor Handbook for future reference and training purposes.  The “resources” link within the course offers the ability to download, and print the newsletter and quiz. 


All training is to be completed by April 25, 2018.  You may view the annual training newsletter at the link below.

Annual Training Newsletter

Annual Training Quiz


2018 Vendor Training - 3rd Wednesday of each month

Please call the Vendor Management Unit at 304-558-1115 to schedule training.




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