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Information Updates

On February 2014 WV WIC Participants will be eligible to purchase approved foods from the new WV WIC Food List. Here you will find information that will help you prepare your store and your employees for this much anticipated implementation date.

WV WIC Food List 02/2014

Gerber Infant Cereal Packaging Changes (National Launch 3/2013)


Gerber Infant Cereal UPC Changes (National Launch 3/2013)


WV WIC Food UPC List 


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Cashier Quick Guide


New Abbott Nutrition Formula Labels


8th Continent Soy Milk Packaging Change


Food List Revisions Notice


Rice Crispies Gluten Free -       On June 1, 2011, Kellogg’s Corporation will introduce a gluten free variety of Rice Krispies to the shopping public. The West Virginia WIC Program has added this product to the current list of approved cereals for WIC shoppers to purchase. Though it is not currently pictured in the Love to Grow Cashier’s Guide, the West Virginia WIC Program feels this cereal will fill a need for those who suffer from gluten allergies.  The size of the package is twelve ounces (12) and the UPC number is 038000550195. 


Policy Reminder:

Federal regulations requires vendors to offer Program participants the same courtesies that are offered to non-WIC customers.  Therefore, a WIC authorized vendor may not treat WIC customers differently by offering incentive items that are not offered to non-WIC customers.  


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